Tour Date with DJ Llu [Season Three: Episode One] – Rustic Overtones

DJ Llu hosts this biweekly interview/music podcast. Take seven minutes and get some music and stories from a band/musician who’s touring through Vermont early in 2013.

In this episode, we talk to Dave Gutter, lead singer for the Rustic Overtones.  Find out why he digs blue tuxes & wants to start a cult.

Podcast Playlist:

  • Sharpshooters – “Pork Pie Stride”
  • Rustic Overtones:
  • “C’Mon” – Viva Nueva
  • “Combustible” – Viva Nueva
  • “Let’s Start a Cult part 1” – Let’s Start a Cult
  • “Going Out with a Bang” – Let’s Start a Cult
  • “Victory”  – Let’s Start a Cult

Find at Rustic Overtones at


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