Matt & Kim on Mic Drop with DJ Llu [Season One: Episode Two]

Listen to Matt, Kim and DJ Llu talk about how best to take on the beyhive and how they get pumped up before a show.

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Mic Drop with DJ Llu [Season One: Episode Two]: Matt & Kim

Matt, DJ Llu, and Kim at Arts Riot in Burlington, VT, fresh off their planning session on how to take on the beyhive. Listen to the podcast for the story.

This podcast has musical snippets in from MATT & KIM and a few other artists in this playlist order:
“Lessons Learned” – Matt & Kim
“Drunk in Love (Filnesse x Gip x Brenmar Remix)” – Beyonce
“Lip Gloss (Brunney Remix) – Lil Mama
“Touch the Sky (Flamingosis Remix) – Kayne West
“Get It” – Matt & Kim
“Not that Bad (Jingle Punks Hipster Orchestra Cover) – Matt & Kim
“Why You Wanna (Remix) – T.I.
“Blow (MR Remix)” – Beyonce

Find Matt & Kim at:
Find DJ Llu at:

All content is copyright DJ Llu, EXCEPT for music excerpts, which belong to the performing artists and their publishers and are used with permission or snippets that fall within legal use.

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