The SoundCloud Menance

Hello DJ Llu fans of my radio show “Get Fresh with DJ Llu, my web scour project, “Sound Check with DJ Llu, my interview & music podcast, and recordings of my live DJ sets.

Last night, I lost my battle with SoundCloud over their ridiculous copyright policies and they terminated my account. soundcloud-580x326

Despite my proof that I have NEVER uploaded copyright material for individual download and that all my full length radio shows, podcasts, and live DJ sets are recorded as part of radio stations and venues that PAY COPYRIGHT fees to cover copyright laws, SoundCloud still canceled my account. It baffles me that SoundCloud is unable to look at individual accounts to assess what is really going on on copyright, especially when a DJs entire job is to PROMOTE the music that is copyrighted for listeners to go out and buy. I am frustrated and disappointed, but not surprised. I am just one of now thousands of DJs that SoundCloud has done this to. SoundCloud refuses to have an appeal process for terminated accounts, which means there is no recourse – a ridiculous customer service policy for a service that I loyally paid to use for many years.

What is really a bummer is that I have lost nearly 5+ years of radio show archives (that is nearly 500 shows), 45 curated playlists of web scoured content from my “Sound Check” project, and dozens of live DJ sets that I have recorded over the years. Due to the sheer volume of size, I have not kept a back up file on any of my shows or live sets. The silver lining is that I do and did keep copies of all my podcasts for Mic Drop and Tour Date with DJ Llu. Further, this site – – is built largely on my SoundCloud archive, so you will not be able to find any of my content to play (till I migrate what I have to a new service).

So, my advice for other DJs out there is to drop SoundCloud completely. They do not care about our profession of promoting music and they rely on computer filters to identify accounts that they think are in copyright infringement – not actually taking the time to have a human assess the situation. To the record labels who are pressuring SoundCloud with massive lawsuits over copyright material from their users – you are missing out on a huge way that millions of music fans are discovering your artists. The role of a DJ has never been more important. The internet is saturated with music and DJs are the ones who shine a light on the good stuff.

As for me. I will be moving my archiving and scouring process over to a new service and will get the word out about that soon. Thanks for all the support and listens on my account over the years. It is really validating to know that y’all dig what I dig.

Your DJ pal,

DJ Llu


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