Rest in sexiness Prince.

“Prince was not of this world. Besides being an obvious musical genius, he was a cultural icon who blazed a path in redefining gender roles and what was sexy. He fiercely protected his rights as a musician, often keeping “the best stuff” in his vaults and not “giving it to his record label.” He never shied away from expressing his beliefs, controversial or otherwise. Most importantly, he understood the human condition or as he put it, “this thing called life” and through his music he created a soundtrack for our loves, break ups, bedrooms, and more. He is on the short list of human beings who not only deserves “google to have a purple rain doodle ready to deploy at the very moment he left this earth,” but also a legend who must make the world stop, put on some purple, BUY his music, turn it up, and dance.
I feel very fortunate to have seen him live in Boston about ten years ago on his purple tour. You were turned away if you were not wearing at least once thing that was purple. We sat in the nose bleeds, but it didn’t matter. He rocked the Garden so hard I thought the balconies would crumble. He didn’t need a massive light show, tons of costume changes, or massive jumbo screens to pull of a stadium show because he was PRINCE. All you had to do is look around at the audience around you to see the magic that he created. People were out of their minds, in the best way possible.

The image of Prince that is most iconic to me is when he put his hand to his ear and demanded that the crowd scream for him, again and again. That was more than ego, that was Prince and he deserved every decidable.

I have had Prince playing on all my devices since I heard the news and will be tearfully turning my WRUV FM Burlington show over for a fitting tribute this Sunday at 8 p.m.” – DJ Llu


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