Lee Fields – Mic Drop with DJ Llu [Season 3/Episode 1]

Lee Fields – Mic Drop with DJ Llu – Season 3/Episode 1

Lee Fields is a long time soulman and front guy for the Expressions. Listen into this short interview for his music and hear why he loves performing live so dang much!

This podcast has musical snippets. Here is the track list:
“The Jaunt,” The Poets Of Rhythm
“I Still Got It,” The Expressions (instrumental)
“What Do You Mean,” Lee Fields & the Expressions
“Honey Dove,” Lee Fields & the Expressions
“Special Night,” Lee Fields & the Expressions
“Moonlight Mile,” Lee Fields & the Expressions
“Just Can’t Win,” Lee Fields & the Expressions

One place to find Lee Fields is at: http://www.leefieldsandtheexpressions.com/
Find DJ Llu at: http://www.djllu.com

DJ Llu hosts this nearly monthly short interview/music podcast with a musician/band/performer touring through Vermont (or Montreal).

No copyright infringement intended.

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