This mix is for you! An 8 day project.

22730441_10155786087002485_1727963135582673949_nI am inspired by Katharine Montstream’s “Painting a day. Yes Really” project here in the greater Burlington area this month. Celebrating her 30th year as a “colorist” she is dropping off some of her old paintings in her favorite spots around the city and posting a hint on her social media. It didn’t take long for folks to become painting hunters (myself included) and scores of folks are now running around the city, enjoying this extended summer-like weather, looking for art!

This weekend I decided I wanted to riff off Katharine’s idea and celebrate my own nearing milestones of: 25 years in/on Vermont radio waves, embarking on a new job that will grow me in lots of great ways, and anticipating the arrival of a new family member. Just a few small life things, right?

I don’t paint, but I do love making a good mixtape (well, mix CD) for people.

So, I am doing 8 days of dropping mixtapes (CDs) during my travels to my favorite spots around Burlington and some other of my favorite Vermont towns. Starting today, Monday, October 23 and wrapping Monday, October 30.

Want to join this hunt?

Follow me on any of my social media outlets (the gram, FB, or twitter) and get a photo hint and story about the spot right around when I drop the tracks. Let me know if you find them! Take a photo with your mix and tag me on social media @djllu! Enjoy the music!

Thanks Katharine for the creative spark/nudge to do this!

DJ Llu

p.s. I found lucky #15 of Katharine’s paintings this morning. Must have been meant to be.

Playlists For Mixes

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