“At the Drag King Bar last night…” 2019 #RadioRace Entry

T​EAM CRANKY QUEERS: ​”At the Drag King Bar last night…”
(2019 Radio Race)

This piece was produced by Team #CrankyQueers (DJ Llu and Kate Van Wagner) as part of the 24 hour Radio Race from KCRW’s Independent Producer Project. Recorded live at Bois of Summer, a sold-out all drag king show held August 10, 2019 in Burlington, Vermont.

Noah Dictive, Vermont Drag King
Papi Rompe-Corazones, Vermont Drag King

“Drag King Bar” by Bitch and Animal, used with the generous permission of the artist. Thank you, Bitch, you spark our cranky queer hearts.

For shining the sun right on queer masculinities:
mega drag family thanks to king Mike Oxready, producer and host of Bois of Summer.

All the applause and so many tip$ go to Papi Rompe-Corazones, Noah Dictive, Mike Oxready, and Beaux Peepers for sharing your words on our mic. You’re all fabulous and we wish we could have included everything you all said.

Shout out to our grandparent support squad. And with gratitude to the drag kings and radical queer performers who came before.

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